The Drone Dude Podcast

Hosted By Marcelo Lewin


The Drone Dude interviews pilots, designers, programmers, companies, policy makers, enthusiasts and experts of drones / UAVs / sUAVs.


Interview with Olivier Küng From Pix4D About Drones, SDKs, APIs and IT Departments

March 4, 2015

If you are a programmer or developer interested in programming a drone, this episode is for you. Learn all about drone APIs, SDKs, and apple watch app development what technologies you should know, how to integrate drones into your company and how IT departments in the future will be affected by drones.


Interview with The Droner’s Guide Book Author Tim Trott About Drone Safety, Training and Regulations

February 27, 2015

Tim Trott wrote The Droner’s Guide: From Beginner To Professional, an e-book that covers various topics anyone flying drones today should be aware of. In this interview, we talk about drone safety, training and regulations.


Interview with Bruno Lespinasse From Skycat About Drone Recovery Systems

February 23, 2015

Bruno Lespinasse talks to us about drone recovery systems, including his company’s parachute system. We also talk about the state of the drone industry in various countries including US, Finland and France and how legislation in these countries will affect the future of commercial droning.


Interview with Jim Blanchard From UAS Academy About FAA Regulations and Certification

February 10, 2015

Jim Blanchard is a certified commercial pilot who is the founder of the UAS Academy. In this interview, we talk about Section 333 of the FAA, how to get an airworthiness certificate for you and your UAS, what the UAS Academy is, what the commercial drone industry will look like in the next 5 years, what the Flight Operational Quality Assurance program is, what pilots today can do to get ready for upcoming FAA regulations, plus much more!


Interview with Drone Girl About Drone Journalism

February 5, 2015

In this interview, Drone Girl talks to us about how drones can and are being used as a story telling tool in journalism. She also explains how drones can be used as a competitive advantage in journalism and the importance of flying your drone safely and ethically. We also touch upon other topics including women and drones, editing workflows with footage shot with the GoPro Hero camera, plus much more!


Interview With Yariv Bash From Flytrex About Telemetry Data

January 27, 2015

In this episode, I interview Yariv Bash, from FlyTrex, a company that creates a black box which you attach and connect to your personal or commercial drone to track and publish to the web your telemetry data as you fly. We also cover other topics including what telemetry data is, flying your drone safely, FAA regulations, plus much more!